About Us

Three local businessmen were inspired to create LUTON.CO.UK which launched in January 2012.

Having been a shell site for over 10 years, luton.co.uk has undergone a radical transformation.

We now offer a truly local advertising platform for jobs in Luton and the surrounding areas. Businesses can easily register their details and list unlimited job vacancies. Businesses can also take full advantage of FREE advertising in the “What’s in Luton?” business directory as well as having access to 'paid for' advertising opportunities across Luton.co.uk.

Until now the choice for Recruitment Agencies and businesses to advertise Luton job vacancies has been very limited; generally the local paper, which can be very expensive, the job centre and shop front traffic. Add to this the high cost of administering the huge influx of calls when a job is advertised and it becomes an expensive way to attract candidates.

We address this by getting interested applicants to apply with their CV directly to us. We then forward these details to the business/recruitment agency for candidate/job suitability. This cuts out 100% of the phone calls and paperwork that would otherwise result from direct advertising.

Luton.co.uk are at the cutting edge when it comes to recruitment advertising using various viral marketing and social networking strategies together with profile targeting.

Joining Luton.co.uk is free and potential job seekers will find it very easy to apply for job vacancies with the facility to upload their CV. Our free job alert system will automatically email every member new job postings in the categories of their choice as soon as they are listed on our site.

The applicant will receive an email straight away thanking them for their details and advising them that their application has been received and sent to the business that posted the position.

Businesses can benefit from FREE advertising on Luton.co.uk in the “What’s in Luton?” section. We offer free listings for local businesses which include the following:

  1. Business name, address & phone number
  2. Email address
  3. Link to your website
  4. Map
  5. A whole page where you can give a full description of services that you provide including the facility to add photos
  6. A unique login to give you access to update and amend your details 24/7

So, if you are looking to advertise job vacancies in Luton or you are hunting for jobs in Luton, we can help. And remember, we cover the whole of Luton AND all of the surrounding areas, as far as Northampton, out to Stevenage and down to Watford.

For further information please email info@luton.co.uk

LUTON.CO.UK welcomes your feedback and ideas. Please email feedback@luton.co.uk